Crystal Clear Beaches

Written on 02/15/2019
Rhodes Island

Starting from your hotel.

Arriving at the Kalithea Springs

The Italian spa complex, exotic vegetation, and the sea, combined in a fantasy backdrop straight from the cinema!The spa was operational until just a few years ago. The Kalithea Springs beach is one of the most famous spot for local and visitors. Read more ...


Departing from the Kalithea Springs

Arriving at the  Ladiko Beach - Anthony Quinn Bay

In area Ladiko there is a small but charming beach, inside a peaceful cove. It is probably one of the most picturesque beaches of the island. In the next cove we find the “Anthony Quinn” beach. It was here that scenes from the film “The Guns of Navarone” were filmed, starring the famous actor. Read more ...

Departing from the Anthony Quinn Bay

Arriving at the Stegna Beach

Stegna, close to Archangelos, a growing beach resort with a picturesque harbour, hotels, rooms to rent, and tavernas by the sea. Read more ...

Departing from the Stegna Beach

Arriving at the Haraki Beach

Haraki, a small idyllic bay and organized tourist resort. Visit the ruins of the Knights’ castle at Faraklos. Read more ...

Departing for the hotel