Mount Filerimos

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Basking in the lush green of pine trees and cypresses, Filerimos is the site of the ancient acropolis of the town of Ialisos, harboring amongst other the remains of the ancient temple of Athena Polias. In Byzantine times the hill featured a fortress whereas in the 13th century this became the site of construction of mon- astery dedicated to Holy Mary.

During the Knights era, the monastery, originally of the Greek Orthodox Rite, was taken over by Catholic monks, who had its installations enlarged and gave it a much greater aura. Today one can visit the ruins of the ancient acropolis and the monastery, in its current, beautifully restored version, the work of Italians during the period over which the Dodecanese was under Italian Rule.


The more important buildings in the archaeological site include:

The Temple of Athena Polias Thus is a Doric amphiprostyle, tetrastyle or hexastyle temple (that is, with a portico of four or six columns at either end) with a pronaos, cella and opisthodomos. In the cella stands the base of the cult statue. Small column drums and walls inside the cella may have belonged to an interior colonnade (3rd-2nd c. BC). Cuttings on the west side of the rock would have been used as depositories for votive offerings or cult purposes.


Doric fountain-house. Two tunnels brought water from the top of the hill to a cistern cut into the rock and closed by a poros isodomic wall in the form of a Π. Lion-head spouts discharged the water from the closed cistern into a open tank, which was enclosed by six pillars with stone panels between them, and from there to a portico of six Doric columns which formed the facade of the fountain-house (4th c. BC). A sacred law with proscriptions for the protection of the fountain-house was carved on one of the pillars.

The Church of the Knights dated back in the 14th century, has a vaulted roof and two hexagonal chapels.

Baptistery of a three-aisled Early Christian basilica, built over the ruins of the temple of Athena.

Byzantine fortifications These are on the east side of the hill and constructed with material taken from the ancient temple of Athena. Parts of the repairs made by the Knights are visible.

Visitors can walk up the Calvary way and climb to the top of the Filerimos Cross, marveling at the beautiful views over Ialisos bay and the runways of both Rhodian airports, namely the old and the new one. Icon of “Our Lady of Filerimos”, the original of which is currently in Montenegro.

Opening Hours  Mon to Sun 08:00 a.m – 20:00 p.m

Entrance  6 Euros/Adult,  Free under 18
Students from European countries for freeStudents from non European Countries half price

People over 65 years old from EU Countries 3 euros
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